Tribute to the pioneering spirit of the early 20th century, Mont Blanc introduced heritage 1914 series of writing tools.

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Rich historical accumulation, it is Mont Blanc to create the source of inspiration for the future. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the most pioneering Montblanc created the most important product in the history of writing instruments. Today, heritage 1914 series adhering to the brand of centuries of precipitation of innovative spirit and design skills, a brand of modern interpretation of the spirit. Because of its amazing design and became the largest size of the writing tool, Montblanc's a historical work has been nicknamed the "Goliath giant". The milestone of this writing tool is that it is the first time in the history of the brand to use hexagonal white star logo and snow white cap products, and become a MontBlanc brand logo, and heritage 1914 series of inspiration.

Mont Blanc heritage 1914 series of limited edition 1000 writing tools to luxury black and platinum-plated accessories made of, and in large size to achieve a clever balance of beauty. Writing tools The "A" design of the pencil and the triangular hollow of the pen are intended to pay tribute to the historical works. A hundred years ago for the first time the hexagonal white star logo, and now to create a pearl mother of pearl, a symbol of the brand always adhere to the highest level of technology. Writing tools within the secondary screw mechanism, which can effectively protect the pen Tsui, and can more easily replace the ink core - review Cheapest Mont Blanc Pen in the early 20th century has a revolutionary security device, but also feel the brand with the times Innovative spirit. The classic screw-in / swivel pen provides a convenient piston-on-ink device, which now requires a simple rotary pen to complete.

Buy Mont Blanc Pen Online - For the creation of the Montblanc brand three pioneers pay tribute to the heritage of the 1914 series 333 writing tools with distinctive coral red precious resin pen to bring people back to the coral had the hottest 1920s. The lightweight metal material is also used in this writing tool to ensure the best writing experience under the large size: the cap is made of titanium and the pen is made of aluminum. The use of gold accessories, so that heritage 1914 series 333 writing tools more enthusiastic and fresh. This product is also the innovation of the Pearl Fritillaria hexagonal white star logo: Montblanc for the first time using a new technology to sapphire crystal glass covered with pearl Fritillaria to achieve a more profound visual effects.

Has always been committed to the pursuit of perfection, Montblanc is the commitment to writing art. Inheritance 1914 series of two new works are used brand research and development of real gold pen Tsui, to create the ultimate soft and smooth writing experience - when enough to represent the highest contemporary technology of the pen in the paper crossed, pleasant writing feelings from the Come on. Montblanc heritage 1914 series will be November 1, 2014 in the Montblanc Factory Outlet and the world's designated dealers officially launched.

How Much Are Montblanc 2015 Great Characters Limited Edition Andy Warhol Fountain Pen

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100% real montblanc 2015 great characters limited edition andy warhol fountain pen is customers' favorite. montblanc outlet online provides low price, safe and fast delivery.

How Much Are Montblanc 2015 Great Characters Limited Edition Andy Warhol Fountain Pen

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Montblanc 2015 Great Characters Limited Edition Andy Warhol Fountain Pen are very fashion, comfortable and light. From daily life could enjoy the same right to pursuit fashion with MontBlanc clothing, the unique design of MontBlanc will give you a good impression and feeling. A selection of popular MontBlanc Outlet is shown below. Choose your own now.

The new Andy Warhol Limited Edition series from Montblanc is a special writing instrument designed to pay tribute to one of the most influential artists in pop history Andy Warhol. This beautiful pen exhibits a special design inspired for Warhol's most influential work Flowers. Four different flower motifs are placed according to his style i.e. in a 2 by 2 style on the cap. The pen includes a sturdy 750 gold nibs with an engraved dollar sign that recalls Warhol's 1981 Dollar sign series.

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  1. Awesome Pen Review by Jordan

    I realize there are people who consider pens just to be pens, but for those who prefer writing instruments over just a pen, this is one is fantastic! The ink is perfect for my writing style. I get smooth lines out of this thing all day long. Ink viscosity is wonderful. The weight is nicely balanced and feels great in my hand. If you want something more, this is definitely it! (Posted on 11/09/2017)

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